Muhammad Hamad Alizai 
Assistant Professor of Computer Science @ LUMS
Research: Internet of Things, Networked Embedded Systems, Cyber Physical Systems
Contact: 9-G09A, Department of Computer Science
SBA School of Science and Engineering, LUMS.
DHA, 54792 , Lahore, Pakistan
hamad.alizai "at" lums edu pk, +92 42 3560-8479

Recent News

Research Interests

In general, I research distributed systems. My current research focuses on providing energy efficient system and networking support for networked embedded systems to build novel IoT applications.

Selected Recent Publications (Complete list, also available on Google Scholar with citation statistics)

No-frills Water Comfort for Developing Regions (Acceptance Rate: 22%)
Abbas S, Ehsan A, Ahmed S, Khan S.A, Jadoon T.M, Alizai M.H.
ACM/IEEE IPSN, Sydney, Australia, 2020

Intermittent Computing with Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling  (Acceptance Rate: 31%)
Ahmed S, Ain Q, Siddiqui J.H, Mottola L, Alizai M.H.
EWSN, Lyon, France, 2020. Best Paper Candidate

Intermittent Asynchronous Peripheral Operations (Acceptance Rate: 19%)
Branco A, Mottola L, Alizai M.H, Siddiqui J.H.
ACM SenSys, Columbia University, NY, 2019. Best Paper Candidate

Scylla: Interleaving Multiple IoT Stacks on a Single Radio (Acceptance Rate: 17%)
Iqbal H, Alizai M.H, Qazi I.A, Lansiedel O, Uzmi Z.A,
ACM CoNEXT, Heraklion, Greece, 2018

Inverting HVAC for Enegy Efficient Thermal Comfort in Populous Emerging Countries
(Acceptance Rate: 31%)
Hafeez K, Chandio Y, Bakar A, Ali A, Syed A, Jadoon T.M, Alizai M.H
ACM BuildSys, Delft, The Netherlands, 2017. Audience Choice Award

Energy Harvesting and Wireless Transfer in Sensor Network Applications: Concepts and Experiences
Bhatti N, Alizai M.H, Syed A, Mottola L.
ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks (TOSN), 2016

Sensors with Lasers: Building a WSN PowerGrid (Acceptance Rate: 20%)
Bhatti N, Syed A, Alizai M.H.
ACM/IEEE IPSN, Berlin, Germany, 2014

Probabilistic Addressing: Stable Addresses in Unstable Wireless Networks (Acceptance Rate: 17%)
Alizai M.H, Vaegs T, Landsiedel O, Goetz S, Bitsch Link JA, Wehrle K.
ACM/IEEE IPSN, Chicago, IL, 2011

Refector: Heuristic Header Error Recovery for Error-Tolerant Transmissions (Acceptance Rate: 18%)
Schmidt F, Alizai M.H., Aktas I, Wehrle K.
ACM CoNEXT, Tokyo, Japan, 2011

KleeNet: Discovering Insidious Interaction Bugs in Wireless Sensor Networks Before Deployment (Acceptance Rate: 17%)
Sasnauskas R, Landsiedel O, Alizai M.H,Weise C, Kowalewski S, Wehrle K.
ACM/IEEE IPSN, Stockholm, Sweden, 2010

Bursty Traffic over Bursty Links (Acceptance Rate: 17%)
Alizai M.H, Landsiedel O, Bitsch Link JA, Goetz S, Wehrle K.
ACM SenSys , Berkeley, California, 2009

When Timing Matters: Enabling Time Accurate and Scalable Simulation of Sensor Network Applications (Acceptance Rate: 23%)
Landsiedel O, Alizai M.H, Wehrle K.
ACM/IEEE IPSN, St. Louis, Missouri, USA, 2008

PhD Students (Past and Present)

Saad Ahmed - Intermittent Computing (2016-2020)
Samar Abbas - IoT retrofits for old buildings (2016-2020)
Usman Haider - Single-point sensing (2019 - )

MS Students 

Qurat ul Ain: Dynamic voltage and frequency scaling in battery-less IoT (2020)
Bilal Khan: Infrastructure-assisted sensing (2020)
Tehreem Fatima (co-advised with Junaid Siddiqui): Edge computing (2019)
Farhan Asghar (co-advised with Junaid Siddiqui): Edge Computing (2019)
Ahmed Ehsan: IoT based Water Metering (2019)
Tayyaba Zainab: Single radio multiple personalities (2019)
Hassan Iqbal: Dynamic reconfiguration of IoT radios (2018)
Junaid Ahmed: Differential checkpointing for transiently powered computers (2018)
Natasha Khan: Path based checkpointing for intermittent computing (2017)
Jazib Jamil: Network virtualization in IoT (2017)
Furqan Arshad: Hashing based incremental checkpointing for embedded systems (2017)
Hassan Ali Khan: Incremental checkpointing for intermittent computations (2016)
Khadija Hafeez: Inverted HVAC for older buildings (2016), paper in ACM BuildSys
Noshab Gul: Modeling Mine Planning and Design using Parallel Computing Paradigm (2015).
Musa Khattak: Recycling corrupt packets in wireless networks (2014)
Farhan Naeem: Error tolerant wireless communications (2014)

Teaching (Recent Courses)

CS 570 - Advanced Operating Systems (Spring 2017, 2018, 2019)
CS 677 - Internet of Things (Fall 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019)


Technical Program Committees: ACM/IEEE IPSN 2021, ACM/IEEE IPSN 2019, ACM BuildSys 2018, IEEE ICCCN 2017, IEEE PerCom (Demos), IEEE CSCN, IEEE ICET
Organization Committees: IEEE SECON 2020 (Workshop Co-Chair), ACM/IEEE IPSN 2019 (Poster/Demo Co-chair), ACM/IEEE IPSN 2018 (Publicity Chair)
Co-organizer: CPS Week Tutorial on Transiently Powered Embedded Computing 2018, ACM SenSys Doctoral School on Transiently Powered Computing 2017.

Pedagogical Contributions

Pedagogical Experimentation Course Graduate (October 2019); Instruction Skills Training - IST (May 2019); Certified IST Facilitator; Instructor & facilitator for Online Pedagogy Workshop.

Potential Students

I have open thesis topics available for grad and undergrad students. I prefer students who have participated in my lectures and labs. Please contact me in person for thesis, internships and PhD studies.