The National Center in Big Data and Cloud Computing (NCBC) focuses on R&D and human resource development in the specialized field of Big Data and Cloud Computing and its practical applications, which are important components of Vision 2025. The role of Big Data Analytics and Cloud Computing is growing in many businesses and applications domains and has become extremely critical to economic growth and national competitiveness. NCBC aims at becoming the leading hub of innovation, scientific research, knowledge transfer to local economy, and training in the area of data analytics, cloud computing, and data science.


  1. Build national capacity to carry out R&D in the emerging field of Big Data & Cloud Computing by solving at least a small number of ‘hard’ problems identified and mutually agreed by a scientific committee comprising local and international experts.
  2. Solve local problems using Big Data & Cloud Computing and take solutions to market through technology commercialization and licensing.
  3. Provide high-value shared services to academia and industrial partners.
  4. Develop an advanced workforce in Big Data and Cloud Computing through training and applied