• Reseach Assistant
    I have been working as a RA at my undergrad university on multiple projects since June 2015. For details see the Research & Projects page.
  • Teaching Assistant
    1. EE411: Digital Signal Processing
      I was responsible for conducting the labs of the course and grading of various theory course components during the Spring 2015 semester.
    2. EE310: Signals and Systems
      I was responsible for grading of various course components and holding office hours during the Fall 2014 semester.


  • Test and measurement: Signal generators, oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, USRPs, GPS front-end
  • Hardware description languages: VHDL, Verilog, Xilinx Spartan-3
  • High-Level Languages: C, C++
  • Algorithm development environments: MATLAB, Simulink, GNU Radio
  • Other Softwares: Latex, Modelica, Proteas, Code Composer Studio, Atmega and PIC Studio

Important Courses

Communication Systems Stream Digital Signal Processing Stream Electronics and Control Systems Stream
Digital Communication Principles Advanced Digital Signal Processing Digital Control Systems
Stochastic Systems Digital Wireless Transceiver Design Feedback Control Systems
Wireless Networks and Standards Digital Signal Processing Digital Systems Deisgn
Communication Systems Signals and Systems Micro-Electronic Design