1. Two and Three- Dimensional Perovskite Physics and devices

Perovskite solar cells have generated significant interest ever since their discovery less than a decade ago. Since then there have been remarkable increases in device performances and the best devices now show up to 22 % PCE. However, while this is really interesting, there are severe stability challenges that need to be addressed. In this regards, 2-D perovskites have emerged as an interesting alternative that are more stable that the 3-d perovskites. However, like ost things there is a trade-off, and PCE suffers when stability increases. We are fabricating 2-D perovskites to explore the parameter space, understand the underlying exitonic physics through optical spectroscopy, as well as experiment with novel hold transport layers to increase stability as well as photovoltaic efficiency of devices.

2. Optically and electrically pumped Two-dimensional Quantum light sources

We are interested in developing on-demand single photon sources for quantum photonic circuits. We are currently investigating the use of Molybdenum disulphide in novel photonic architectures as well as doping schemes. Future work will focus on the development of second order correalation setups for single photon detection and validation, as well as optimization towards single photon generation.

3. Stable dye sensitized solar cells

Dye sensitised solar cells are exciting hybrid organic-inorganic photovoltaic devices with significant promise for small-scale photovoltaic applications. We are exploring the use of novel self-assembled liquid crystal based gel electrolytes to enhance device stability and power conversion efficiency.