Sehrish IqbaL

Research Assistant

MS Physics (LUMS)

Sehrish worked on self-assembled discotic liquid crystalline based physical gels to make stable electrolytes for dye sensitized solar cells. Furthermore, she worked on the development of stable MAPbI perovskites for moisture-stable perovskite solar cells.

After FMOD:

Muhammad Saad Asad

Senior Year Project Research Student

BS Electrical Engineering LUMS

Saad is a 4th year Electrical Engineering Student at LUMS. He is working on the deterministic transfer of 2-D Molybdenum disulphide flakes, followed by Raman spectroscopy and molecular doping studies. Saad hopes to realize single quantum emitters.

After FMOD: In Fall 2019, Saad went on to pursue a Master’s by research Engineering at Queen’s University, Canada.

Hafiyya Malik

Research Assistant
BS Electrical Engineering LUMS

Hafiyya worked on 2-D reduced graphene oxide and explored the interaction of discotic liquid crystals with graphene flakes. Her worked involved photolighographic device fabrication, as well electronic and optical characterisation of the materials.

After FMOD: In Fall 2018, Hafiyya went on to pursue a Mater’s degree in Electrical engineering at Northeastern University, USA.

Lala Rukh

Research Assistant
BS Electrical Engineering LUMS

Lala worked as a research Assistant on the development of techniques for total internal reflection (TIRF) and polarising optical microscopy (POM). Furthermore, she developed protocols for PDMS processing.

After FMOD: In Fall 2018, Lala Rukh moved on to pursue a PhD in Electrical Engineering at the University of New Mexico, USA.