Ahmad Kamal Nasir, PhD
Director engineering laboratory
Assistant professor of electrical engineering, school of science and engineering
lahore university of management sciences, pakistan
As a final module course project a student competition is held in engineering laboratory of SBASSE building. The goal of this event is to demonstrate the knowledge and skills which students has learned during this course, furthermore, to motivate them toward electrical engineering. 
Thirty-One student's teams each comprising of four students competed with each other to create a fastest wall following robot. The tracks were challenging because of the sharp turns and a blocked path. The students were provided basic components (motors, sensors, discrete electronic components) to fabricate and assemble their designs. The most interesting robots were "Sher-Khan" & "Edhi robot" in which the group has decorated their robots in a fabolus way. The winning team has traversed track in just 21 seconds. A glimpse of the event can be seen in the following multimedia contents.